it was good

V…yeah? This thing is real? I heard…ready? Shh! I heard some thingie…(coming down the stairs, noises in a box) You might wanna reconsider th’ “good” part!! Did you ask him what he was talking about? What do you think? I’m not really sure but she wanted me to give you a message. She’s never failed me yet! Well, give it to me, man! I can speak in complete sentences. It’s pretty simple. (yellow box clue from previous post) A “tipping point” is that moment when some idea goes from being nowhere to being everywhere…You only go nowhere if you don’t have a good imagination! And if the idea clicks with HIM, then others will like it and share it…and seemingly overnight it will be on everyone’s lips worldwide…the last word? Yawn, how predictable “…it was good”. But I could be wrong…let’s take another look. (Genesis 1:18 under the date in today’s Spot the frog which says 1/18 although that is not today’s date) I’d say that would be insane….in Seine. I couldn’t agree with you more! (giant hand touching the clock tower) Time for what? I’ve come to a conclusion. What? It’s nice to know that some laws of nature are still immutable. (doughnut) Got it.” Today’s collage deserved to be completely written separately for you to read it..

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