a light is on

“I hear when Jesus comes back at End Time His bride will understand who signed on; I knew I had Truth, it all fit, it is like a light switch. God gave everyone a gift when He sent His only Son… will learn indoor life is known in dry red planet.” Today’s anagram is actually yesterday’s that I am just getting posted today. The text was in two parts, one bubble was picked from yesterday’s collage (one verse after another) and one was from text the day before (it was good), since I did not anagram either of those days. There are three bubbles of text, “…and if the idea clicks with HIM, then others will like it and share it…and seemingly overnight it will be on everyone’s lips worldwide (+) an astonishing work of art and gold hidden here all these centuries (+) I know, I was just being funny.”

Since the post below this is called one verse after another, I thought I would give another visual for that

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