…a knock on the door. That’s what it means, tattarrattat. It’s the longest palindromic word in the Oxford English Dictionary (coined by James Joyce in Ulysses in 1922). It was there…in the comics today, not that word but a reference to palindromes; I just took the cue. Every now something like that comes to my attention, but I generally think in anagrams. My favorite palindrome is mom, a simple word I never get tired of hearing. Palindromes are not limited to single words or sentences. Give the wik a run for biological and computational palindromes, as well as the semordnilap, a word or phrase that spells a different word or phrase backwards, like stressed/desserts. There is the infamous sator square, showing the word tenet forming the cross. Tenet=dogma, dogma=amgod. It’s just what comes up…

Something else came up today, so there will be no anagram. I did it, but what came up is …well, I just need to keep certain anagrams to myself somtimes. Meanwhile, a very readable collage, in which I have included something else that came to my attention today. Themis is depicted at the bottom of this collage because Plutarch is mentioned in the comics text.

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