I’m out catting around today, or I should say MUDcatting at my friend’s shop again today (Mudcat Pottery in Madison, Indiana) while the owners are on a little vacation. There have been a few people wandering about today, but it is pretty hot, so I can’t say I’d blame people for finding some other cool thing to do. I would love to go swimming, myself, so I may run home after I close the shop (and after stopping at the dollar store for a floatie). An hour in the pool would feel great. Now I can’t wait to finally get in the water! I sure miss the YMCA indoor and outdoor year-round pools!

Speaking of getting in…I got my collage done while on my friend’s computer and here are two anagrams, “WE THINK YOU’RE DOING IT RIGHT. GOD MUST LOVE STORY; HE ALLOWED HEART TO USE BACKWARD RADAR … THEY MOVE HERE!” Or…I could read it as,”WE THINK GOD MUST LOVE YOUR STORY; THEY’RE HERE A LOT NOW! MIGHT GIVE ET THE “OLD HOUSE”… I READ RADAR BACKWARD. That kinda’ alludes to the recent post wherein palindromes are mentioned.

Something about an oyster in all that too, in another anagram, or I’ll save that for another day.  😉  Today’s anagrams come from the text in the first six bubbles. Uh Huh…they sure do. Catch the conversation in the rest of the collage? I have a a plethora of pachyderms in the collage, which I  found amusing.

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