a hot summer’s night

It was hot today, and all I did was go to church twice. Not much in between. I picked a different radio station to listen to today, 94.1. While on their site I saw a photo of an elephant standing on its head and found another story/video about an elephant who is now painting like its parents. Other tie in, a single palindrome, MADAM, as a follow up to a recent play on palindromes (tattarrattat). Opus is always good for wordplay. I think the comics were playing same or different today. I found more instances than I could put in a post and as it is I had trouble posting pictures today, having to try a number of times and finally dividing my collage into two before posting. Storms may have caused some problems, who knows.

I noticed a lot of my pictures were X’d in posts at this point, unsure why that was at that moment. I am hoping that for those interested, whenever this problem might occur, they will click on the properties of each picture, copy and paste the address to view whatever won’t show in the posting. It can be a bit frustrating since most of my posts are visual connections from illustrations in the picture collages. In today’s collage I couldn’t help but notice between two frames in one of the comic strips that the characters are wearing completely different clothes. The last one was first, but sometimes I do things that way.

Not much happening today, as I said, other than making the connections from one collage to the next. A kind of lull…we had some storms tonight, not surprising considering how hot is was today. Fortunately I got me and my old lady neighbor back from church before it started. Now it is just steaming in the house. It’s not even August, either. I made a little hand fan to take to church to keep in the pew I normally sit in. A “hand fan” as in the shape of my hand that I cut out of a piece of cardboard just minutes before leaving the house. The things I am “guided to do” are sometimes funny. It was funny because they sang a little song tonight that I had not heard before, about what day of the week you were saved, “…somebody put their hand on me…it had to be Jesus.”

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