she knew

“Ask if you think this woman knew  “who knew”; see who catches on. We add aqua, some see it as acausal…how divine! I got a new “Mast” T-shirt today.” Well, first things first, the anagram comes from text in the mini collage which is part of the larger collage below. I did get a new T-shirt today. My friend Darlene just got back from Asheville, where she went to a Mast Outfitters Store and purchased a shirt for me which says, “I live in my own world~But, it’s OK, they like me here.” Somebody likes me…that’s nice to know. More than one person likes me today. I got another gift today, too.

My friend in Cincinnati sent me $150, a way of “giving back”, he says. The envelope had been torn on both ends somewhere en route and put into a postal service window envelope. I have to commend the post office for getting it here, especially since it was a western union check with no name on the check, meaning anyone could have cashed it if they wanted to.  I love my friend very much but it is hard to accept money from him because he doesn’t really have much either. His door is always open to me…I just need to find a way to get there and spend some time with him, helping to take care of him. Gary (my friend) has AIDS and has recently gone through some problems with his liver and lost a lot of weight, even though he did not have much extra on him as was. Under normal circumstances I would be there more often, but not being able to drive there alone definitely cramps my typical nature. Maybe God will see fit to help me out with that. I need to be able to help my friends like I am used to doing.

And now for the full collage:

Yes, you know, Who knew was the last post.  😉

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