coffee anyone?

Sometime between making yesterday’s coffee and today’s brew the coffee filters disappeared out of the house. No, I am not imagining it. Even the beau thought we still had some, but he decided to believe we are both crazy. I said, fine, he could go that way if he wants to, but I know better. I know that sometimes things happen that may be unexplained at a given time, but that does not mean there is no explanation. My mom used to call moments like this, when things would disappear from the house, something that the gnomes, gremlins, faeries, or the little people who live under the porch had done…they’d run off with something that we KNEW we had not misplaced.

You see, I actually keep the coffee filters in a special tin container attached to the inside of the cabinet so I can easily see when I need to purchase more. It is about eye level so hard to miss. I do have some filters on hand that fit a different coffee maker and I even have a permanent gold filter for another smaller coffeemaker as well. I would have noticed I was low on filters, let alone with none in the house for the next day’s brew. Because I am SUCH a creature of habit I would have written it down as I was using the last one or done something else to remember. So if he wants to think we are both losing it, fine. I just think there is something as yet unexplained.

BTW…I did not post yesterday but have a rather hefty number of comics in the collage that was intended for yesterday, so there may be two collages and a few really telling anagrams as well. I figured I would post later if I can get it together. 8)

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