from one hill to another

An article in the Madison Courier Don’t give up on the Delta Queen gives hope that the Delta Queen may still be able to continue up and down the river. She stopped by Madison, Indiana last Sunday for a farewell, although she is not due to stop river runs until fall. It was a nice crowd of well-wishers. The Madison Courier mentioned congressman Baron Hill supports saving the Delta Queen. In saying that Hill now supports saving the Queen is to remind people that he has switched from his earlier position. Now is the time to let the congressman know that we are seeking a favorable vote. You can contact Mr.Hill about this by calling his Washington, D.C. office at (202) 225-5315 or his Jeffersonville office at (812) 288-3999. Every call or letter helps.

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One Response to from one hill to another

  1. Jo Ann Schoen says:

    And be sure to call Lugar and Bayh if you’re a Hoosier. If you are from Kentucky please enlist the help of McConnell and Bunning. We need one of these Senators from a river state to step up to the plate and sponsor a bill in the Senate and try to get the exemption through that way. Don’t delay, call today!!

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