read what

What can we do for you? Let’s talk about these delusions of yours… We shouldn’t jump to conclusions without proof We’ve got that all figured out. I’ll keep saying different words and maybe it’ll make you think of something. Hmmmm… Montage is always a clue. Can I see one? See one what? Ooohh! I’m gonna feel this hug for days! Fancy Schmancy move, Ai. Oh God…you have a plan. Oh, I have THE plan. Any obscure Italian coming up anytime soon? (Olive Oyl upside down going down a hill with a woman in “sky” clothing looking down at her.) You really live in your own little universe , dont’ you? Or a lot of tiny ones! People without faces saying: What about the important issue? The one that matters? Like why don’t these people have ______. Machines no longer exist that can read them. OK. I guess that would be weirder. I was thinking the same thing. What was that?

THAT was today’s collage (or montage if you prefer) in text form. And now here it is in visual form:

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