face swappers

A couple of hours ago this was posted on Physorg Hybrid Human Faces Could Populate Google Street View.  “Google has been blurring the faces of people caught on Google Street View cameras. But rather than blurring people’s faces and diminishing the reality of the scene, researchers have demonstrated a new way to automatically de-personalize the faces – by creating hybrids.”

These are face-swappers. Not the medical kind.

IS that a little weird? Seems like a crazy way to address privacy issues, but it does create some artistic face work. I never really thought much about de-identifying faces before. It is interesting, though, and according to the article, the “burst” mode found on most cameras can take several images at once. Then, an automatic face replacement technique could be applied to swap blinking or frowning faces with better faces taken from the other images. The result would be a single composite image with all the best faces. Makes you wonder, hmm, all the best faces, real or not. An interesting development.

More info on face-swapping technology here.

I thought it related to part of yesterday’s collage. I didn’t use the word faces in the collage, but I knew that was what it meant when I combined the comics. What do you think?

“Maybe you feel like you can’t show your face in public…,” I hear on the Dr. Phil commercial at 3:34 PM as I prepare to post. Interesting correlation.

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