fancy pants

I could see me in these now. Smart pants! And look, a matching shirt, too. I could be one of a dozen shoppers at the local Jay C grocery, or walking down the street with alarms going off due to my gait or the uneven surfaces that riddle the city sidewalks. Hmmm.

According to the physorg article about the  wearable sensor system, “Because the pants are unobtrusive and can be connected to a remote health care facility, the technology could enable elderly individuals to live independently for longer, with the pants as a safeguard. When the pants detect instabilities in an individual’s gait, the system could notify both the health care facility and the individual, warning them to avoid potentially unsafe walking surfaces.”   I don’t know if unobtrusive is the word I would use looking at the photo, but I can see where these could be of some assistance in determining how to address one’s rehabilitation needs but I don’t know about wearing them around town. There isn’t a street I know of where I live without a surface that wouldn’t set them off. I have to wonder how one would clean these, too.

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