thank God

I do. I thank God all the time for the gift I have been given. Some may think this a strange gift, but I suppose it’s all in one’s perspective. There is a certain satisfaction to my cosmic (comics) conversation each day. I mean, if you read the comics in the order I have them, and have read some of the previous posts that lead to this one, it does make sense. The unexplained has explanation. It’s subtle and quite humorous. God is all knowing and a lot of fun, too.

Part of my horoscope for the day reads, “It’s a good time for you to try something a little different… There’s no need to go crazy, but there is a need for novelty.”

Novelty?  I have that, that’s for sure. today’s comic collage text written out: “It’s fine to observe these magnificent creatures but let’s not get too close…I ain’t shore but…honestly, I don’t expect you to make sense. Then something like this happens. As long as I’ve known you, I have never heard you utter those three words to me! What are you talking about? Hmmm…Well, I don’t know what this is about but Thank You. My capacity for hope is amazing.  It’s all there! How did she know? BANANA! You don’t get tired of me? Well, that’s good because I love you and you’re stuck with me!…bonded, fastened, cemented and glued! Say no more! I can read your little mind. …but I’m stuck. On what? many before you get a prize>>>This part always takes forever. Well, why are you here? (illustrations: Martian holding a box that says Just Add Water. Seashore with words THANK GOD written in the sand.) He did it. You’re spooky. It’s a gift.
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