it’sa who

A recent visit to Cooperstown Hall of Fame gave Dan Reynolds the inspiration for a cartoon sent yesterday, and of course, in turn I was inspired to use a little who humor in my collage today. I started with it in yesterday’s last post (swappin’ faces) so you may want to check that out. It worked out that I could continue it today. It’s all just random comics remember that. I wasn’t sure which one I wanted first, but hope the order works for you either way.

Today’s comics conversations go like this...

Collage #1

“”I have to keep my jooooob. Howdy! Geez, you haven’t worked in all this time? What have you been living on? No fancy stuff. Can you keep a secret? Sure what? Care to elaborate… Well, I guess you could…and so it begins. The almighty “auto save”. Raise your hands unto the heavens and you shall be saved! Well now there’s a suggestion! Now they’re on, notice that we’re interested in it! All right! All right! You’ve made your point…I’ve got it, my treat. It was great catching up with you.””

Collage #2

“”What are we doing first? That is what we’re doing first. After this the schedule gets kind of busy. Who? A first term who’s completely untested on the world stage! Then who’s playing first. Absolutely! (Horton hears a who first) Who’s that? I have my suspicions. All I’m trying to find out is what’s the guys name on first base.

Oh, no, no, What is on second base. I’m not asking you who’s on second. Who’s on first. That’s what I’m trying to find out!Well, don’t change the players around. I’m not changing nobody! Now, take it easy. What’s the guy’s name on first base? What’s the guy’s name on second base. I’m not askin’ ya who’s on second. Who’s on first. I don’t know. He’s on third. We’re not talking about him.

They say that history may never repeats itself again where they work. It’s not soon and stop reminding me! Who walks in! Oh my, no! This is a very controlled process…And they’re in control of all the…YOP! We are here! We are here! We are here! (people of whoville and cindy lou) I batted a home run! I ran to first base! The player there said something I didn’t like! Ready to run? No. What happened? …so the guy went to second. Who picks up the ball and throws to What. What throws it to I Don’t Know. Third! I Don’t Know throws it back to Tomorrow…a triple play!


Now I’m impressed. So what have you learned? It sounds like she’s lost her mind. I’m speechless. Well, there you go again… but there’s more to the story!””

**Italicized words are Abbott & Costello’s that I decided to add in.

And now for the visual or what you just read…

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