OMG I have Thutmosis!!!

I have a Thutmosis of the third kind. I recently found Cleopatra’s needles but they weren’t in haystacks. They aren’t in Egypt either. 

Yesterday’s collages gave me anagrams that pointed to Thutmose the first and  Thutmose the second, whose wife, Hatshepsut (who was also his half sister) was once a powerful pharoah of Egypt herself.  At this point in your reading, if you have seen the previous post’s collage/anagram, it makes sense that the third Thutmose would show up today, thus my Thutmosis.

I had fun with today’s collage, because there was a Thutmose the Third correlation. (See the box over Wimpy’s head.) Thutmose the Third’s first twenty-two years of his reign was as the co-regent to Hatshepsut–his stepmother and aunt. Hard to keep up with this family, isn’t it? What do you call your mother who is also your aunt if you are this guy? Probably “Pharoah”.

Egyptian pharoahs thought big. Thutmose III was no different. He ordered up some nice red granite from the quarries of Aswan, and had 3 obelisks (called Cleopartra’s needles) made, for the city of Heliopolis. It was interesting in that when I was reading about them I found that the original temple obelisk (Obelisk of Senusret I) is in its original position at Al-Matariyyah. The city’s Egyptian name is often transcribed as Iunu (literally “[place of] pillars”), and was often written in Greek as Ὂν (On).

Of the three Cleopatra “needles”, according to Wikipedia, one is in New York’s Central Park, as shown in the photo (from Wikipedia), the “Paris Needle” is in the Place de la Concorde and London’s needle is in the City of Westminster, on the Victoria Embankment near the Golden Jubilee Bridges.

Just a little history. When I was doing the collage I noticed another play on words with ANK(H), among other things. I got the clue from the cartoon itself, not that anyone would know… The little house in the corner was changed out for the symbol for it, which is an H.

Ankh is the Egyptian symbol for life, by the way.

Enjoy today’s collage, and its conversation.


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