“I learned Egypt’s Hatshepsut’s father was Thutmose I, her mother Ahmose. She married Thutmose II. Did Lord’s banana tree poison Eden? Rib-Woman is skilled in verses. Entity liked Cindy Lou!”  That’s today’s anagram, er, I should say an anagram using text in the last post, and it refers to Cindy Lou, a who, in the previous posts. it’sa who  and swappin’ faces . These last few posts were fun, and the anagram in this one is really pretty good I thought. There is one partial frame that says, “Wow…I’m impressed! So what have you learned?” So I tried to go with that.  I do learn something new every day; many things I forget, but at least the info goes in there someplace. The anagram comes from all the text seen in this mini comics collage.

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