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Sometimes I do things that seem a bit eccentric (imagine that) but I get bored easily so need to amuse myself. Today I have a “telescoped article” is what I call this, when I take an existing article’s text, (in this case one on asteroids) condense it by removing words that seem extraneous to me, and find myself with an entirely different story. I did this because of my visit to the doctor’s office yesterday when I found two funny coincidences. Here is my proof.

I had never been to this particular doctor’s office before, and while I waited I picked up a magazine, which happened to be last month’s Atlantic Monthly. When I saw Reynolds’ cartoon today I realized it fit perfectly with what I was planning to write about today, my visit to the doctor’s office and the coincidences.  As you see, I changed the illustration to suit my needs, as shown here, (where I added the magazine cover to the crystal ball, and removed some other parts of the illustration). I am sure you see why I would find this humorous. Are you awake?

The article I telescoped The Sky is Falling was in that June issue of Atlantic monthly. I just thought I was fortunate enough to find a decent magazine to look at while I waited, but somehow I found THE right magazine was waiting for me to discover it. The reason I say this is because the room in which I waited had an unusual picture on the wall, a stylized picture of Mt. Rushmore. Sorry I cannot whip up a photo of what is in the examining room. It was a bright orange color, so not like I could miss it. Maybe it was not that unusual, but the connection I made to the magazine I picked up could be considered a little unusual. I could have picked up any magazine or none at all, but I chose that one, which was hidden behind others. It had this photo in it, in another story (in the same magazine). 

Wouldn’t you know, it was a photo of the Pres standing in front of Mt. Rushmore.  Hello? It kept me amused for awhile, since I had to wait for the doctor to make arrangements for some tests. He suggested war and peace while I waited. I liked his sense of humor. I also appreciated that he has had vertigo in the past so had some idea of how frustrating life can be for me at times. It helps to have others capable of relating to what it is you are talking about.  Now if anyone relates to the following I will be surprised and expect an e-mail immediatley. 

The following is the text “telescoping” I mentioned at the beginning of this entry. The original article is online for your comparison. It is interesting to see what comes of this sometimes. I realized after as I did this that neutrinos came to mind. Can anyone imagine why? I found a link that said, “Since neutrinos pass right through the Sun and everything else, they give a direct view of what goes on in the center of the Sun for people with neutrino sensitive eyes. …Hmmm, ya think I may have neutrino senstive eyes?

Here’s the “article”:

Breakthrough ideas have a way of seeming obvious in retrospect. She had been pondering the “70”, searching for other forces, What she has found is spine-chilling evidence, quite recently. If right, then you may be here today, reading this. By sheer chance, at the same time, the combination could trigger more support (conjecture). Her research has found so many so rapidly (for convenience) they are finding more than was previously believed.

The received wisdom goes something like this: millions; still exist, but most were assumed to be far from our blue world. Wisdom held that they are mostly light elements, they were thought improbable. These assumptions are being upended.  Looking at the broader picture, already located there lie the hypothesized thought far greater than was believed. Wouldn’t they have theorized that the sun is sending them?

Consider objects that are hard to spot— compared with the rest known to exist. Of the recently discovered nearby objects a comforting notionUntil recently, nearly all the thinking focused on the remote a; clues were subtle and hard to come by.

I asked…it’s like the entire human race has shown no interest; people don’t want to believe me. They won’t even listen.”

What is in the best interest … raise awareness and extend the human presence across the solar system and beyond.” As for extending our presence, sending people “beyond” is foreseen; We are on the right path. Sophisticated search did arise after the shuttle Columbia was lost; it’s only natural But the technical barriers would be an impediment.

It is instructive, something of clear benefit for the entire world instinct is not to ask, “What can we do?” The Force appears to be seizing an opportunity.

Objects have gone undetected because of their faintness, trying to change the course… it may be visible to the naked eye to broadcast its data live over the Web, with absolute precision. There is no doubt bodies are rare, there exists a “keyhole”. All around the opening are rotating windmills.

The reason I am optimistic is that it looks like we won’t need to use fantastic levels of force, you’ll just have to lose sleep over the possibility . Many have “eccentric” real life preparations. It’s easy to imagine.

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