trusting in God

“WWW talks about Hanny’s Voorwerp. It’s coincidental enough! I do trust sense, did not doubt our faith.” In my last post (cosmic ghosts) I mentioned having read about Hanny’s Voorwerp, and of course, having selected random text in the collage, it reiterates that.

I did some other anagrams from the same text, but am keeping those separate for now. Today was one of those days that I had to rely on my faith to show me the bigger picture. Today the beau broke his other hip. That means, this is the second hip operation in 7 months. Fortunately the first hip has healed, but it isn’t making things much easier, other than giving him a leg to stand on. He has had difficulty walking on it as it was, it wasn’t back to normal yet. And now the other one is broken.

He could have been on a roof, or scaffolding, but he was only walking in front of the house this time, having just accidentally hit a small stump and felt the shock waves go through his leg. Just last week he went in for an X-ray because he was in so much pain. He stayed off of it for days. At this point, I believe the Lord was protecting him. It seemed a matter of time before the second hip needed attention with taking on all the weight of the body for so long. His left hip was broken for months before it was operated on; we didn’t even know it was broken. Surely he won’t have to waitsix months for this one to be operated on.

As you can imagine, we really thought we were getting close to being able to have an income again, (it’s been a year) and now…well…ALL I can go is keep trusting in God. I am sure He has His reasons for this at this time. It seems time passed just long enough for the first hip to heal, so why not go ahead and break the second one, get it over with now, before winter comes. It will be easier for me to try to take care of him now, too. Oh yeah, there are plusses…

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