what a stretch

Ever hear of spontaneous hip breaks in someone under the age of 50?  You don’t have to be old for such a break and though the doctor’s have no idea why this occurred, I am just glad they have a way to fix things. I spent the day at the hospital as the beau had his second hip surgery (I think it is called a femoral neck fracture/break?) in 6 months, neither due to a fall of any kind.  Oh yeah, loads of fun. On the 16th he went for an X-ray because of the amount of pain in his leg, thinking it felt a lot like the last time this had happened. Apparently, they missed the fracture and he went about his business as best he could until the pain was so bad he couldn’t stand it anymore. So after he visited an orthopedic surgeon whose x-ray showed the break clear through at this point, looking eerily like the first broken hip from last year, he was admitted and successfully operated on today. Apparently someone missed something on the first x-ray, but I guess it was just one of those things.

“Things” are back in alignment. Thanks Big Guy… Now, let me back up a moment.

While I waited for the washer to finish this morning, prior to his surgery, I did do a collage. It was interesting in that I felt the typical sense of ease about the day, having realized the poem Footprints was illustrated in today’s MUTTS comic strip, as one of many visual cues. I had two collages then later combined them into one, at which point, an interesting quote came to me via a most unusual route. Something different. Actually this “something” came to me yesterday while I waited for my friend Darlene to pick me up to take me back to the hospital yesterday after a short visit at home to care for the dogs and get something to eat. Stick with me here, I know it’s getting long, but try to follow along.

I found what I first thought to be a shoe insert or heel of a shoe, but wasn’t sure, it only resembled it to an extent…the extent being “heel” or heal, in the context I interpreted it. Given the option I always go positive. This “object” was in the lot next door where I walked while I waited for Darlene to get here. I picked it up and placed it on part of the chain link gate, so it stayed outside until I came home last night. I put it on the table and went about my business until I got home today from the hospital, when I made the “connection” and finished the collage.

The photo is that which I found. Oh I know, most people would say, uh huh, picking up trash. Yeah, I actually call it trash talk, it’s between me and the big guy. Just another way to hold it in my hands and make it real. I seriously doubt anyone else would get this “stretch” from something strewn along a roadside, but, that’s probably why I am the only one who does this.

While the beau waited to go to the hospital initially, standing on the sidewalk, someone who knew him  (this is a small town) stopped right in front of the house to ask him if he could make him some “period” shoes someday soon. The beau has more than one talent. Anyway, it is probably why I noticed the blind thing on the ground…back to this heel-looking thing I found on the sidewalk/lot next door.

The brand name is blind. There is a sticker on it in the opposite direction. I did actually find a site for the brand, a skater site, a bit young for my tastes, thank you, but it served the purpose…to see what it was and make sure it was a brand name. After that, I looked at what else was obvious to me in the collages. Blind is not necessarily what it seems.  😉 

Interesting co-incidence…Olympics are on and I hear the commentator say the words “eye to eye” (11:02PM).

Where was I? Hacks…I thought hacks…in this case hacking. Yesterday, while sitting in the beau’s room, he watched TV and I listened to someone down the hall with a hack…meaning, whomever it was kept hacking, every 30 seconds or so. It didn’t sound very good at all. It was hard to tune it out too, and I heard it a lot today as well. I mentioned it to him but his hearing is not as good as mine. It was a clue to see the two cartoons today (B.C. and Cow & Boy) which included hackers which brought me to one more thing, which I will mention in a moment.

I also found out a friend was in the hospital last night so I immediately called his room to wish him well and hope to catch up to him soon. He reads my blog now and then so here’s my hello to him:  8)


As for the other thing…the hacking, or I should say the hack. It took me a moment to realize what that was in my secret trash language. “Blind” gave me the other clue. This “hack site” gave me what I needed to complete the collage, the perfect quote , We don’t memorize every detail of a visual scene. Instead, we use the world as its own best representation—continually revisiting any bits we want to think about. This saves the brain time and resources, but can make us blind to changes.

Ah yes…sounds like an x-ray waiting to happen…So, other than having totally confused you, maybe I can explain a little here, I’m not sure. I barely slept last night and was up at 5:00 AM changing the litter box and doing a couple of loads of laundry before heading to the hospital. I am pretty much worn out at this point.

Rather than having one leg foreshortened it appears the beau may have reached another “level” as it were, by having the second hip break now. I had been noticing that right after he started walking without a crutch. I wondered if he would need a specially heeled shoe to even things out. Now he is back on “no weight” for three months again so it will be a while before I see how he walks with a normal gait.


I’d like to think there is a bigger picture here, so I try to see the big picture when things happen, and no longer really sweat the small stuff like I used to. Here’s today’s collage. I don’t really need anagrams, do I?

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