i need rest too

“It’s strange Lord sent me proof that He’s communicating via comic text. People feel I’m least blind…to show a heart is a happy story.” Today’s anagram came from text in the pink square in the collage. I’m tired and the beau is taking up the whole bed. Yep, he’s back home again. He has arms strong enough to support himself so they said it was ok to release him. It’s nice to have strong arms but unfortunately these were built up after a year of using crutches from the previous broken hip. Oh well, the surgeries are behind us now and he has both hips with plates and screws. I hope he is done for a while. I have had faith all along that God had a plan, and pretty sure I got the glimpses correct. I hope He gives me a little vacation soon though, I could use a little rest. We’re looking at another 3 months of no-weight on that leg, so I need the first one to hold up.

I got little to no sleep last night, did loads of laundry today and got the house in some semblance of order so the kids can visit tomorrow. I also couldn’t stand the idea of fleas in the house with someone who just had surgery so I vacuumed twice, putting down flea powders and bathed both dogs. That should last a day or two before I go nuts about it again. With animals using the yard as is I can’t eradicate them this year. I am getting tired of this every year here.

I got up tired this morning, my upper carriage feeling a lot of pressure and it hurts even if I just laugh. It would have been nice to do nothing but that wasn’t possible today. My friend Darlene picked up a few things at the store and the beau from the hospital, so that helped immensely. Don’t know what I would do without her. I do my new GP Monday and get a stress test Wednesday. Darlene said to tell them I have already HAD my stress test. I started to laugh, but it hurt, so maybe I just need some rest.

Enjoy today’s collage and anagram. I especially liked the vertigo toon included in today’s comics, but more than anything, I can appreciate the feeling I get from the whole thing. It may be alien-speak to some, but I call it God-speak as well as alien-speak. It isn’t the way people normally communicate to one another,  I know, but some people are beginning to talk to me via the daily coincidences they find in the comics.

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