hydrogenous chlorophyll

“We show you a totally hydrogenous alive chlorophyll; I’m no illusion, I’m alive! That happy healthy Ai brain in a beaker wobbled. Why would you think that Cosmic Bubbles caught that detail-attention to a time we built on this planet.” Today’s anagram (comics outlined x2). Hmmm, ya think the aliens that were here in the past are trying to tell us something? Who would believe it? A green blob in space can’t be a hydrogenous chlorophyll, can it. Some algae bloom or what? Must be that voorwerp thing again. I have a lot of fun with my anagrams, don’t I? I did come across the brain in a beaker comic again today, and even though it was posted the 9th, I did not see it until today so I put part of it in the collage. The part where the brain was wobbled and it thought there was an earthquake, I left out, but I guess it had to be mentioned anyway, ahem.

You can get almost anything done today, no matter how much effort it takes. Things are stacked in your favor and you may find that you can build on earlier successes to pull off a big win! Nice horoscope. I did pass my stress test, and am wearing a 24 hour blood pressure monitor, which is interesting to look at now and then. Unsure what will come of this but…I am looking forward to healthy at some point.

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