joy of texts

“Mostly joking, I have found you a joyous path, a way to fit; you have always recognized the ancient bible text.” Like joy of text, hmmm. (*Yeah, I did do one more anagram, and added it later after posting). It happens sometimes.  

“Why ask about it? You find joys of texts, you recognized the oily alien objects have always given man a path out.” Oily alien objects, hmmm, like that voorwerp mentioned last week did look a little oily. Ok, let’s switch that around a bit…”Why ask about it?  You find joys of texts, you recognized the oil; alien objects have always given many a path out.” A slightly different context. A way out…hmmm. It is all about context isn’t it? When it comes to alien objects though, hard to say what’s up.

Hopefully not my blood pressure. I had my stress test this morning, and passed with flying colors, but I do need to wear a BP monitor for 24 hours. I told the doc that I have had two normal readings in the past week, a real change from the high readings I have had over the past two years. A real nice change. So I get my arm pumped up every half hour for today and maybe get good readings finally. It’s funny how every couple of months I feel I have gone over some little hump in my progression to good health. Time does make a difference.

These comics are a day old, I was a little behind but I think I am caught up at this point. The comics relate to something in a previous post. Things got a little backed up with the beau’s hip surgery, doctor visits and all, so I need to go look at today’s comics to see what cosmic secrets have been foretold.  8)  I do have a great joy of texts, don’t I? Something to keep the old mind active, and something no one else does. Now if I could just translate this to income.  😉


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