a paradigm

“Through space-time paradigm we try to identify you with first mankind; we travel often…listening more to ET here, both one infinite faith.” I’m too tired or lazy to re-arrange the words any further this evening. I may come back to today’s anagram later.

My horoscope today was the kind I like to see…about change. It’s time for a change — but a small one! It could be that you want to institute a series of incremental changes in the way you live, but you’ve got to start somewhere. Now is the right time.” Well, I have done that already. I cut a little grass today, something I have not done in a couple of years. I didn’t cut a lot, but it was something. Increments, yeah, it is that, small steps but steps. 

I went to the pool for an hour; it closes for the season tomorrow. Parking is an issue (it’s Ribberfest weekend) so unsure if I will get there tomorrow or not. Being in the pool for an hour is nice, but when I get out I can barely walk. Don’t know why other than I am using muscles not used in a long time. Mostly my hips hurt. I know, waaah, waaah, waaah. I managed to get to the grocery store so we’ll have enough for the weekend. I’m  probably in for the next couple of days other than church.

I know I should have elaborated on a paradigm but…I need to go lie down.

Enjoy the collage and anagram.

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