cute cukes

I only get one TV channel right now. Diana Pickler’s name (a USA entrant in the  heptathalon) came over the airwaves late this morning (11:49AM) as I was looking at a cucumber pickle recipe. I had been looking for some cucumber recipes because of the overabundance of giant yellow cucumbers in the garden, uh, not the kind pictured here but it was kinda’ cute.  8)  I don’t have canning supplies so was looking for other ways to keep cucumbers, like freezer pickles. It made me smile, the pickler coincidence. I then found a site that had lots of cucumber info, and it turned out to be a planetary scientist’s site. In addition to working on the Mars Exploration Rovers, Spirit and Opportunity, one of her many talents is “shamelessly reproducing any cucumber material that comes her way.” I laughed when I read her disclaimer which said the only thing she actually knew about cucumbers is what was contained on her pages. I did bookmark the recipe page, and I’m sure she’d much rather someone mentioned her cucumber knowledge, for a change, instead of all those scientific writings.  😉

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