picked fresh

The anagram says, “You talk as though you’re secretly shown God used His hand on that thigh…we indicate how angels do it, that way, when you change lettering around, Trinity felt it truer looking.” Uh, yeah, that looks like what it looks like to me. The beau is always saying in a very sarcastic manner, that I think I am receiving secret messages. Well, it would seem so sometimes, but of course if I were to admit that it would only mean I am crazy. So I won’t admit that. Can’t prove it, so I can’t say it, right? I know I mentioned sometime in the past week (one of the posts with anagrams: a sprinkle or two) that the last time I was in church we were on Genesis 32:25,  It was the same week the beau’s hip broke. When I did my anagram today, it came up again, so I mention it again.

Yesterday, while I was picking out a couple of avocadoes at the grocery store I heard a voice saying, “Pick me! Pick me!” No, I wasn’t hearing voices in my head. I looked up to see a friend standing there with his head just above a bin of tomatoes, being a smart aleck. I was surprised to see him because hhas been getting chemo for a lump on his neck, which is now gone. He has radiation therapy now and I thought he looked great considering all he has been through. He has good color and still a great sense of humor. I gave him a big hug and told him I was really not “worried” about him though I have though about him a lot lately. He is a really nice man. I wrote about him a few months back (What WOOD you think?). I’m glad to see him after such a long time, and especially to know he is doing so well with treatments. I feel he has been blessed to have caught it when he did. I was glad to get my hug in, too.

He brought us a load of wood when we were on our last load. I did a few anagrams that day about the wood, one of which was ““Looks like real choice delivery…all knew I rely on wood for heating, see the rule book, go to witness faith.”” Hmmm. Well, witness my faith in that I believe he will be just fine. Go check out the other anagrams…it’s kinda’ cool, actually.

Here’s today’s collage:

When I saw the PICK ME! PICK ME! comic today I figured I needed to use part of it, just for the sake of clarification.  😉

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