daily interpretation

Scientists say we can see sound. Yeah. I agree. But just because you can see doesn’t mean you listen. Neuroscience 101 textbook rewrite: “The brain can, if it must, directly use sound to see and light to hear.” (Livescience.com) I use light to hear all the time, and I see things in a way I can’t explain. That’s why I do these collages and anagrams every day.

Today’s collage is a good read, pay attention to the lyrics as they came into play for the anagram.

Today’s anagram came from this random comics text: “Let’s just say there were clues that it wasn’t really ours. We should definitely be very interested in this applicant! Of course! What did you think? I was sort of betting on an alien abduction.”

They’re not stars or satellites but I don’t justify an answer. You wonder then, did she use help? Well, I only show Vickie a bit better gift— a successful daily interpretation. What an education!

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