2006 SQ372

2006 SQ372 might be going through an identity crisis. According to headlines…well, now I am confused. SPACE.com — Huge Comet Discovered. 2006 SQ372 was not just discovered was it? It Some call it an asteroid, a minor planet, a comet, even an obscure body. It was mentioned as an object under trans-neptunian objects in 2007. Some copy and paste the same words over and over again, like found on the search pages. If it IS so huge why are they calling it small (a small comet-like object). I’m confused.  I suppose one could call Harvard a small school, too. Oh, they did, in the comics, today. And speaking of Harvard, the “comet” about which I write, was called a “Multi-Opposition Unnumbered Object” when I looked up the page for Dates of Last Observation of Unusual Minor Planets. I guess that means they thought it was unusual. If it was unnumbered where did the 2006 SQ372 come from? That’s it’s designation. It’s no wonder everyday folks get a little confused by the terminology used by scientists. Is it a NEW minor planet as the headline suggests ? That article does clarify, “Minor planets is a broad category of objects in orbit around the Sun that neither full-blown planets nor comets.” So it’s neither. So much for the first headline, Huge Comet Discovered.

It’s not a star, not a satellite…it’s not superman’s place either, is it?

I don’t think I’d call it breaking news either, (Breaking News | Current Events | Top Stories – Yahoo! Canada News) but by going to that site I did learn about the confused turtles who showed up at an Italian restaurant.  If you end up dazzled by the lights it might not be so bad, unless you’re a turtle who shows up at an Italian restaurant and they happen to serve turtle soup. Fortunately, those turtles were re-directed.

**a follow-up anagram (comet revealed)  😉

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