a bright few

“The bright few who saw beyond how you used “comet, Harvard, turtles, the Italian restaurant” would see lights in that blog entry. Do they see why I mention it? The shot given.

“The answer my friend is blowing in the wind. You went to the Harvard… with turtles? I noticed… that’s what. You must have really good eyes to be able to see through those things” was the text used for today’s anagram. Apparently the random text picked wasn’t so random as I did use comics which already used two of the words previously used in anagrams and collages (in 2006 SQ372 and comet revealed.) I even mentioned superman’s place, didn’t I? Hmmm, they’re talking about that in today’s collage. 😉

After uploading I changed the order of the anagram text, which sometimes happens. You can read it either way. The Brevity comic strip page I opened had the paper airplane ad (Bank of America banner ad) on it so I did screen shot for the “coincidence-synchronicity” factor, which I hope others can appreciate. Enjoy the collage! 


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