same old

Heaven requires mental atonement, faith will get real stories. I find Boss’s event code on time. Don’t ask me what that all means, it’s this evening’s anagram from the text in the mini-collage shown. I did a collage and anagrams earlier today if inclined to look at previous entries.

I went back to re-hab this morning. Someone in the parking lot almost creamed me, stopped within an inch of hitting me. Then the receptionist didn’t check the sign in sheet and I kinda’ was forgotten about until I asked about what time the appointment was supposed to be for, and then I had to fill out a flurry of paperwork because I was considered a new patient again. I did find out that the previous therapist is coming back next month. A bit odd, but it may be good for me to see her again. Today’s visit was frustrating.

I was given a script to bring in and the previous doctor I was seeing also sent a script. They said they couldn’t use either one and assessed me today. I was disappointed in that my left side was not cooperating today. It was doing the stroke-like thing where I had no strength and couldn’t perform simple tasks as asked. I went in because of the vertigo and back and hip pain. The therapist that saw me said she planned to call the doctor today because she has concerns about my left side. I thought I was having a good day until I got there. That has happened before.

I suppose it could have been worse. As I was leaving I saw a rush of therapists and aids head to the back area, and an ambulance was called. I managed to drive myself up and down the hill at 20 mph, but did explain to the therapist that there may be days I am scheduled and can’t. We’ll just take it one day at a time. Right now no one knows what to do with me. Same old, same old. The therapist was quite attentive and asked a lot of questions; she seemed to listen and ponder what I said.

I do get frustrated with not having had real diagnosis other than vertigo and there is no quick fix, obviously after two years. And now, after all the gyrations with my left leg today, it is painful. There are times I wonder if something broke in there when I fell a couple of months ago and went to the ER. I had a head cat scan done and blood work and then the neurologist did an EEg but everyting was fine. He always says my brain is normal. No wonder I’m suspect. The therapist said there are many times when doctors miss something and physical therapists bring something to their attention. I’m just glad the thereapists have brought me this far.

Worn out today, nothing very witty. My last post was much more fun, following the anagram trails.

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