I’ve seen them before, sometimes I call them goat eyes, sometimes reptilian eyes, depending on the direction of the slit. They are human eyes with pupillary distortion due to an accident of some sort. It makes for an interesting appearance. I asked someone the other day if he was aware his pupils were different, because I wasn’t quite close enough to tell, just to make sure I wasn’t seeing someone having a cerebral accident. It’s the first thing I did when I started with my vertigo (was to look in the mirror at my pupils) to check for equal round and reactive. He said he had indeed suffered damage to that pupil in the past. I hoped I had not made him uncomfortable, and explained it was only of concern for his well-being. You never know in such a circumstance.

I have met another person with what I’d call double reptilian eyes. It was a few years ago when I still lived in Cincinnati and traveled to Canada for the weekend with a friend. I said I would go if I could stay over at Niagara Falls on the Canadian side. Deal. The man I met was an interesting Asian man, intelligent, quiet, confident, and those piercing eyes. I recall feeling as though I were between worlds during time with him. He was an interesting man. Upon leaving the building where I took part in a meeting about a prototype piece of equipment I remember finding a feather at the doorstep. One of many that year to appear at doorways I was entering or exiting. I always took it as a sign, the fathers that is. That one still sits in a glass in my kitchen. Strange I know, but…some things are worth remembering. The eyes intrigued me, so I made sure I noted what was going on when i noticed it. Just one of those things.

 I saw the urologist today who informed me when my internist left he wanted to be sure I had the kidney cysts checked (in November). I didn’t know I had cysts. The urologist did use that term this time when previously he had called them kidney stones. I do wish they would make up their minds. He told me three months ago that I had tiny kidney stones that shouldn’t cause me any problem, yet I continue to have Do you think the hypertension, headaches, dizziness, back and side pain could be related to one undiagnosed thing all this time? An anagram I did yesterday (posting now) was along those lines.

Two separate collages. In the one using text from two frames the anagram says, “getting interesting on the puppet show, so keep faith alive, testify as I do.” The other uses text from 5 frames and says, “How many knew of your high blood pressure all this time, none bothered to help, many bolted; you knew only one doctor glad to do anything, a few have less money to do tests. You call they wink.” Yes, I have had the tests I needed even though I had little money. I have God to thank for that.

It’s always in the comics somewhere, art imitates life and life imimtates art.

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