It’s a twofer because I started other posts this weekend but it just didn’t happen, so you get two collages today…one from yesterday and one from today. I did do an anagram in between but it’ll keep. It’d be different if there were thousands barking at me to get them done. I’m probably the only one who gets these, anyway…Hmmm, according to the flow of these comics, maybe not.

That was yesterday’s. This is today’s:

In the second collage is a hint about the event of the day. My daughter left for France today, a wedding, not hers. I told her she was flying for Nana. My mother’s dying wish was to go to France, and my sister even bought a ticket but Mom didn’t make it that long. So the code is there now and then, in context with certain other things. Like today. Her favorite song was Somewhere over the Rainbow, as is mine and my daughter’s, though we prefer the IZ Oz version. My Mom has a way of making her presence known.

Actually my younger daughter told me her sister was leaving Sunday, meaning today, but somehow the one going forgot to tell me..she assumed she already told me.  So I sent info on France and she sent an email CC that she was leaving, but she forgot something…she hadn’t told me yet. Must be the excitement. She’ll have a great time. I look forward to her photos and stories. I’m glad one of us made it to France in this lifetime. I am glad she can enjoy a few trips while she is young.

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