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“Here I am to anagram my mother, Oz song and France in the right order. Lepton play, eyeball pilot. I bet I see another hot night here.” I made mention yesterday that my daughter went to France, and that I was really too tried to work on the blog entry anymore last night, but did do an anagram based on yesterday’s collage. Explaining a reference to the fact that my mother always wanted to go to France, her favorite song being Somewhere over the Rainbow and a connection, I figured I should put up the anagram that went with that.

Last night was so hot that when I took the trash outside about 9 PM, I became ill. It  must be the vertigo because I was more woozy than usual. I think it was more the humidity and no air movement here in the valley. My neighbor wasn’t feeling very well either, but maybe today won’t be so bad. It should be in the upper 80’s today rather than mid 90’s.

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