eight two eight two oh oh eight

“None that put science first disappoint the Christ; do not believe that Einstein would change order. Though ET live the unthinkable life, they look here and the red planet. I prove one universe.” I didn’t put this anagram up yesterday so here is the link to yesterday’s collage. I did do anagrams, just didn’t post this one. The text used was, “Even though I think it’s stupid…people never learn. Oh, I doubt that. She needs to learn…No…that would violate the Heisenberg uncertainty principle. He never noticed the difference! Look at this!”

“Do you want me to come in and have a word with her?”

The comics begin conversation anew. The last one ended with, “I prefer to think of it as keeping it real.” There are times when the comics make their own little reality show. I’m not sure how many comic strips I look at in a day, but it takes an hour or so to go through them before I can choose what makes it into the collage of the day. Sometimes I get a lot of them, sometimes only a few, but there have been times when I have more than I can use and the direction (of whatever I saw in it) changes. Slow day here. A readable conversational comics collage for your enjoyment:

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