positive accounting

“People of stonehenge had the world antenna and they kept the shrine. If I can think big here, note I believe I include Lord’s Truth, third planet’s route to the Universe … I love the positive “account”. That  last little bit about “account” has something to do with the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle I looked up the other day. One of the webpages gave the layman’s definition:

“You cannot measure/observe something without changing that which you are measuring/observing.”

Today’s anagram comes from the text I anagrammed yesterday in my post eight two eight two oh oh eight, getting, “None that put science first disappoint the Christ; do not believe that Einstein would change order. Though ET live the unthinkable life, they look here and the red planet. I prove one universe.” The text came from a larger collage in the previous post, mouse written tongue.

Oh, BTW, the “layman’s definition also said, “…it appears to refute scientific method. This is far from the truth. It simply means you must account for it.

So I did.

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