mt snuffleupagus

“Look how they reached, Lord! For what it’s worth, it took imagination to see Mount Snuffleupagus in random letters. How’d you figure that out? You think Christ put that in? Money in junk at the Piggly Wiggly. ” There is an old (closed a long time ago) Piggly Wiggly store in Madison, Indiana that is piled high with antiques and junk inside. I would imagine there’s money in that.

It’s amazing the stuff that comes up in my anagrams. Today it’s the snuffleupagus mountain. I did a search and found this muppet-wiki link for Mt. Snuffleupagus. I suppose if my children were still small I would have more information about Mount Ihu Papa’a Lo’ihi Nui (Mount Snuffleupagus) but it was really before their time. They weren’t even born when Sesame Street ran episode 1094.

I know, you are wondering how I got Mount Snuffleupagus from looking at the text in the collage. It popped right out at me, of course! The anagram comes from this:

It was the Jelly in the Donut headline at that got me into the snuffleupagus thing today, or maybe just Leonardo talking to me, who knows. How do you suppose I could see snuffleupagus in that. The words, “our home” and “Figure 2” in the jelly donut story took me to figure two… which shows the “inside of Snuffy’s house”.

When combined with highly detailed observations, that put the punch in the picture, or the jelly in the donut.  😉

Oh what a day. Not getting much done today, other than a load of laundry, ham-bean soup, chattin’ with a friend, some comics, anagrams and computer work, if anyone could call it that. On the ancient one (Mac i-pod) it takes forever and a day to do anything, mainly because I have a hard time seeing the desktop. That screen seems to set off my migraines too, so everything s l o w s down.

It was nice to think of Snuffy today.  😉

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