I picked up a new book last night, Physics of the Impossible, and read this excerpt (and if you read that excerpt which is mostly about Faraday’s “force fields”, it helps tie things in here a little better).   Today’s collage includes a force field reference, part of it from one of today’s comic strips, on the fastrack, coincidentally. I especially liked this information:

*”Because of Faraday’s poverty-stricken youth, he was illiterate in mathematics, and as a consequence his notebooks are full not of equations but of hand-drawn diagrams of these lines of force. Ironically, his lack of mathematical training led him to create the beautiful diagrams of lines of force that now can be found in any physics textbook. In science a physical picture is often more important than the mathematics used to describe it.”

Yeah, I understand that. I’m “lacking” in mathematics as well. But I got plenty of pictures.   😉   A little further down on the page it says, “Faraday’s “force fields” which were previously thought to be useless, idle doodlings, were real, material forces that could move objects and generate power.”

Ah yes, an inspiration to us all. The physics of the impossible…hmmm. There is a reason my mantra is with God all things are possible…

I keep hoping others will see the “universe” can be a fun place to make the connections.

Nothing is impossible.

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