phasmatodea +

The Phasmatodea came to visit this morning. His presence was very much appreciated. I felt his eyes upon me as I stepped from the tub, just prior to church, and sure enough there was a large walking stick on the outside of the bathroom window’s glass. I was unsure how he got there, but I wasn’t sure if he could go anywhere else. I removed the window, found a stick outside and gently slid it under his body until he felt safe enough to grab on. He allowed me to take his picture prior to setting him outside. I was so excited to see him I didn’t even bother to put clothes on. I did all that in my towel, even taking the digital camera out for a photo of him outside. The beau said he needed a camera to take a photo of me in a towel taking a photo of an insect.

This is the logicam photo. Some things are more important than clothing, 😉

Speaking of insects…

I grew up with crickets galore in the country in Cincinnati, and generally they were the big, fat, mostly black field crickets that did the most chirping, not the funny brown striped things here in Madison, Indiana. Needless to say, I was surprised to see one sitting at my feet while at the computer the other night. I haven’t seen a black cricket since I left Cincinnati. No, I did not kill him, I just watched him a while and then went back to what I was doing. Life is about observing, you know. So the next day, I saw some comics that fit into the whole art imitates life thing.

The collage’s anagram mentions mind reading. Hmmm, I did kinda’ start on the insects about the “mind reading” post. It was funny when I posted that the photo of the spectacled guy was the link, and after a week it was apparently changed to some guy on the side of a mountain. Maybe I should have left it like that for a little more humor.  😉

What do you think?


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