Physics of the Impossible still showing up in anagrams? Why? Intent was shown yesterday. I settle it today. Ancient alchemists talked of crazy texts. I satisfy witty star people.” Yes, another day, another anagram done, and I finally got around to Monday’s comics.I thought there may be another anagram in there, but even just the comics’ stream of conversation is good. I have been on a certain wavelength about a book I brought home the other day. One I need to get back to reading, actually. Physics of the Impossible, by Michio Kaku. He is probably one of my favorite modern physicist, mostly due to having seen him on TV at some point and appreciating his easy to understand explanations for some very complex matters.

The past few posts ( fields and secret anagram language ) have mentioned the title and other interesting thoughts, and so it is no surprise the title shows up one more time. The anagram comes from the text, “It’s September first. Oh, you talkin’ to me? And scientists are mystified as to why this is happening. In its own way, her logic is flawless. That’s ‘zactly how ‘xpectations git started!! How does it fit? Yep, it’s a mystery all right.” Don’t forget to read the comics collage!!!

And now to bed.

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