secret anagram language

“An enigma stands the test of time. Secret anagram language got lost in history yet I had no problem with it. You can’t imagine God’s genius. You’ll find last post mentions the real book, Physics of the Impossible. I suspect few know how I got that. They bent rainbows the Einstein way. Hatshepsut “doorways” use chrondite. Machine world wanted it, we witness birth of http://www.” YES! THAT WAS AN ANAGRAM! 

In one of the posts I did yesterday (fields) I mention a book I started reading, Physics of the Impossible, and put a collage in that post but not the anagram. Using the words from comics, yet another whose origins are lost in the mists of ancient time how emblematic what a strange thing to say genius can’t be scheduled what did you think it was going to happen on its own trying something new mom life would be a lot easier for us big picture types if boys werent so obsessed with the stupid laws of physics i really don’t want to know what that means.” Though it may seem enigmatic, I happen to believe all of the things in that anagram are connected. 😉

In my post, positive accounting, I did an anagram about Stonehenge. Today I did another one about Stonehenge in combination with one of the comics found today, Pearls Before Swine. I am using the text I used to do the anagram above, which is actually in yesterday’s collage. I know it’s confusing. Maybe this will help straighten things out. It’s another anagram of the same text: “God used intelligent wits to keep a secret—“babel”—till ways to get to Earth best story on www. What’s Stonehenge to you? When I put that anagram in, I knew you’d want a test of faith and genius. How’s this: Monday’s comic Pearls Before Swine. You’ll find Rat mentions the word “enigmatic” to Pig, who Rat buries in the sand. It shows Physics of the Impossible Ghost in my machine.” Really nice anagram, don’t you think?  😉

Now back to the comics.

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