Remember K-Pax, the Kevin Spacey movie? I loved the movie, so many possibilties of art imitating a life humans would find difficult to believe, and one of my favortie actors was in the movie as well. It comes to mind now and then, then being now. It came into my anagram tonight. I don’t mind telling that I believe most of the ideas presented in the movie are possible now. I just don’t wish to try proving anything science would argue and ruin the mood I’m in at the moment. It’s just too hot to argue tonight.

I was on the word “levitation” in my anagram at the time when Brian Williams was delivering the news. I already had the first couple of lines done when he started talking about McCain’s VP choice, saying something about (rumors or talk) “hovering in the air” and also used the term “flying around”.  It was 6:40 PM on my computer. Why the mention? Well, look at this collage and my anagram and tell me you don’t see the connection:

My anagram is, “When house energy use doubled they went to levitation; extraordinary gyro-motion runs circles around the rest. People need to hear how God chose one of you. We thought of K-Pax; one left, wave moved enough.” The order is negligible, but repositioning the last five worked.

I got a little further in the book last night, something about levitation being possible due to diamagnetism. The short-term memory took care of anything else I can remember just now, except another part of the book where I read something about talking to aliens on the phone. I would like to try that sometime, the phone calls, though not necessarily at the same time as levitating. I don’t read a book like people normally do, I skip back and forth, go figure. The idea of diamagnetic levitation did spark my interest for a moment or two. Beetle Bailey’s Sarge was levitating today, so it tied in to my comics collage. There are many types of levitation, so you figure it out.

Life is simple. Ask Occam.

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