what a picnic

“Some say it’s spooky to say things like this…every autumn I thought I should’ve acquiesced and gone on that picnic at a location about hour from Madison. FYI, I take it you are fun, too.”

That’s for a friend of mine who shall remain nameless. I love doing random anagrams that others can relate to.  😉 The text is from the collage below, “Can I ask you a question? On a topic like, say…interspecies communication? Yeah, something so obvious I take it for granted. Oh, man, did I say that out loud? That’s very thoughtful of you.”

When I was looking over comics today, and collecting them for my collage, I went off on a tangent (as I often do) for a while. Last night I made cherry jello (putting fresh cherries in) wishing I had made a pie instead. It reminded me of the Cherry Hut in Beulah, Michigan, where the pie is always good, as well the cherry lemonade, and lazy summer days with the kids years ago. It reminded me of picnics and the picnic china I bought years ago that I never used. So much for romance. Just last week I decided to use the blue/white gingham tablecloth over my Chinese chest in the living room, and after being on it one day, the cat vomited on it. That’s how it goes around here. Things just aren’t like they used to be when I lived in Cincinnati.

The picnic china and elegant art wine glass reminded me of my friend, and the picnic that is owed, and it reminded me of where I last lived in Cincinnati. Cherry Grove. On picnics I like sitting around eating fresh cherries and spitting out the seeds. It helps to have someone who understands that silliness. Cherries remind me… it’s like thinking thoughts and when you are done you can either throw them away or use the seed of the thought to grow something else.

I have another collage to finish, but here’s one for now.

Gotcha! Interesting…today I was IM’d with a “gotcha!” and when I was preparing my collage today, I came to a comic strip with “Gotcha!” (included in the collage) in it at the same time that I heard someone on the TV show that was on (Wave3/NBC@1:08 PM) say, “Gotcha!” Talk about being in sync.

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One Response to what a picnic

  1. Nameless Friend says:

    Harvested first grapes today. Made wine. It is bubbling right now. Would love to picnic….

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