still levitating

Yes, the physics of the impossible continues in the comics and thus in my blog, if you have been following a couple of days. Art imitating life…it’s predictable. Yesterday’s post levitating did not finish it, so I have included today’s comics that mirror the book, or at least pages I laid my eyes on for a moment. Room temperature is one of those words that sets science off on the impossibile versus the possible. A few links become relevent:

1.) explore superconducting  2.) surprise superconducting  3.) Kaku says (a radio interview) during which he mentions room-temperature superconducting 4.) New theory on room temperature superconducting and 5.)

In the interview (link #3 above) Dr. Kaku mentions a “dictionary of thought”. (Page 84 in the book Physics of the Impossible mentions “a comprehensive ‘dictionary’ of thoughts” and mind reading.) Coincidentally, I happen to have the International Dictionary of Thoughts from the library this week.  The books I brought home were not related picks, they were from different floors of the library.

Remember that motto: nothing is impossible. Enjoy today’s toons READ.

Looks like there has been some kind of super conducting going on already. Anagrams later.

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