table’s set

This month’s Coastal Living magazine served up a nice coincidence or connection, as it were. On pages 94-95 is a photograph of a table set for 135 guests in a Nantucket Island cornfield. I remember when I looked at it I thought it was an interesting idea, though I did wonder how you’d keep the bugs down. Bartlett’s Ocean View Farm hosted the “mobile party”, in the September 2008 issue.

I spoke to my daughter today about her trip to Peyriac de Mer, France. She went there for a wedding, enthralled by the family of the bride and their gracious hosting. It was an once-in-a-lifetime type of experience, but I did tell her she deserved to have that kind of lavish experience more often, as many people live like that all the time. My daughter is naive in many ways, but I think it adds to her charm.

She told me of the wedding dinner, describing the road that led to the innocuous driveway, lined with trees, that lead to an opening and a field of roses where the tables were set for dinner…something out of a storybook she said, the whole wedding and French host family experience. I wish I had a photo or two to share, as I would certainly love a photo of the field of roses, wherever it was.

My daughter is kind and generous and loving and thoughtful. She told me that one of the few places she went was to Notre Dam and lit a candle for her Nana, who only made it to France through her. Unfortunately her trip did not include any of the typical romance or museums one would expect, but I told her to hope for another day, another trip, where she could do more of the things she would like to do.

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