string talk

“I’ve eyed the quantum string theory scientist’s talk; his request is interesting that you need to paint the walls inside with a superconductor. I use it. We see you setting a table for one high being to arrive.”

Today’s anagram came from the randomly chosen comics shown with the golden highlighting in the collage below, “Arranged into the proper sequence every question in the universe can be answered with those letters. This is my genius. I guess I didn’t notice. What’re you talking about? It totally fits…it…uh…This I gotta see.”

On page 97 of the book I got from the library, Physics of the Impossible, one of the sentences I have been using words  (like “room-temperature” in the post still levitating) from for my quantum string is, “One possibility would be to coat our walls with a room-temperature superconductor, assuming that such a device could be created one day,” and yeah, there is a table set in the last post, table’s set. It makes sense if aliens came to have a little chat over dinner it would be in the middle of a cornfield, right? It follows a couple of other posts on the same subject. I let the universe say what it needs to when I anagram.

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