sirappy sweet

“Iron wood shingles or sirap are one of the traditional roofing materials of Indonesia. Ironwood is known locally as Kayu Besi or Ulin. It is one of the world’s most durable timbers. The roof has four overlapping layers of shingles. It has a serviceable lifespan of at least thirty years.”

It was 12:18PM when a Wave3 “raise the roof” commercial came on for tonight’s news; it was as soon as I pasted that paragraph about sirap roofing. Why am I writing about sirap roofing? Because things come to me in unusual ways, symbolism of some sort. Earlier in the morning I read the article which mentioned spelling people’s names backwards, which is how we have many of the star names we do, like the name Dnoces which “is the word “second” spelled backwards, a reference to Astronaut White (Edward White, II, who was also the second man to walk in space).” A star of a different kind, PARIS, spelled backwards is sirap.

There is a quote on the net about Paris Hilton, “Really, a T-shirt with your name on it? Is it so you remember or we never forget? Maybe it should be spelled backwards because we suspect that every time she looks in the mirror there’s a split second when she wonders, “Wait, who’s Sirap?” Well, it just so happens I did see the word SIRAP on a t-shirt on one of the “sirap” sites I visited this morning, though it wasn’t Miss Hilton’s though both did find way into my collage.

You will proably notice I still have a couple of POTI book references, because they help clairfy some connection in the last week’s entries and collages. I mentioned my daughter was in Paris last week in the table’s set post, so there are many connections that make it sweet…

like the bushel of pears my friend brought me yesterday after a trip to her father’s farm.

Always another connection! 😉

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