a full octave

Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do. It’s funny where things lead me each day. Today I am at a full octave.  😉 Yesterday, in part of the comics collage I used a portion of a Dan Reynolds toon to complement another toon, and made a connection between the two, a reference to a version of the Solfeggio scale. Knowing there is always more than meets the eye I decided to follow up on it today. So, according to everything2.com on this subject:
from a Latin hymn: Ut queant laxis resonare fibris, Mira gestorum famuli tuorum, Solve polluti labii reatum, Sancte Iohannes.
I don’t know Latin so it is a good thing it was translated there as well: 
“Ut queant laxis” = “just as your servants”
“Resonare fibris” = “may sing freely”
“Mira gestorum”   = “of the miracles”
“Famuli tuorum”   = “of your works,”
“Solve poluti”    = “release the stains (of sin)”
“Labii reatum”    = “from their lips”
“Sancte Johannes” = “Saint John”
I grew up listening to The Sound of Music, generally with my mother singing at the top of her lungs:
Doe, a deer, a female deer
Ray, a drop of golden sun
Me, a name I call myself
Far, a long long way to run
Sew, a needle pulling thread
La, a note to follow So
Tea, a drink with jam and bread
That will take us back to… (repeat)
I did not know there was this “pop” version, but since it seems to have a connection to the day’s comics and previous posts with Physics of the Impossible, why not:
Do, the stuff that buys me pop
Re, the man who sell the pop
Me, the guy who drinks the pop
Fa, a long way to buy pop
So, let’s have another pop
La, the French word before pop
Ti, no thanks I’m having pop
That will bring us back to do, do, do, do.
Today’s collage and anagram: Ephemeris take us to mountain humans took Jesus up, what both Marys remember about God’s last minute is mystery.” The anagram is boxed in the collage, taken from the outlined text above (in the center of the collage).
DID you notice the bird bird bird bird? There’s a song  by the trashmen called “Surfin’ Bird. The song was a combination of two R&B hits by The Rivingtons, “Papa-Oom-Mow-Mow” and “The Bird’s the Word”.   😉 
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