uh huh

“Best in world to inspect CERN; it does one test Wednesday. Is important for millions to have mission explanation. I am home so let us keep you from annihilating your planet. You thought “Mose Hay” story odd, but I prove word plays.”

With CERN on so many minds, I decided to do another anagram using the same text that was in the previous anagram (in another post).

It’s always funny how some anagrams will actually point to another post for something to clarify. In this case, the name Mose Hay came up. I copied an old clipping from a friend’s find, and that’s all of the name that was able to be read because the newspaper is torn in the middle of the name. Close enough though, because the anagram still works. It points to the entry about the Delta Queen and includes Mose’s photo.


Hmmm…mose hay…uh huh.  Sounds like  a punctuated connection to me. 😉

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