inconclusive? hard to say

I listened to my own arm muscles after the doctor was done making my fingers, hand, arm and leg jump via the small shocks he gave. I had a test done at the doctor’s office yesterday so it was a little different than my normal day. Still every day I make connections. I assumed he would be doing the arm only, but knew it was possible he may also do one of the legs. I made the conscious yet lazy decision not to shave my legs. So it became a topic of conversation, a moment of levity during the test. He said he would rush right home and let his wife know how dreadful it was to come across a patient who had not shaved her legs. I can appreciate such rapport with doctors. I can also appreciate the universe’s sense of humor. My test was inconclusive, as usual, I am borderline something else, so no treatment will come of this test either.

Visual connections. The last couple of posts have been a bit odd in connections to the sun, post it notes, the sound a long o makes…latir…baldy… 😉 . There are groups of posts that run a certain stream of consciousness that comes naturally, either visually or in the reading. I do wonder how many people actually read the comics I put in collages. Sometimes that which is written conveys a message different than what which is shown. There is more to us than a single dimension. Do Re Mi…La ti do…bark, bark, bark, whose on first. It’s just one step after the other here.

Life gets a little hairy sometimes, especially looking at the universe through these eyes, but it certainly makes life interesting. Did anyone notice (over a period of a couple of days) that one of the post it notes on Adam’s computer disappeared? I noticed, and found it worked into the collages just fine, don’t you think?

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