hot-humid and bored

Ah yes, the hot September days that inevitably come after the dog days. There’s no cool-down at the moment. It’s 90’s all this week, 70’s the next. Fortunately there is an a/c window unit. It’s noisy but cooler. I guess I should be grateful I have that, huh?

Now that I live in Madison, where the public pool has closed and there is no place to swim nearby, save for the dirty river or the YMCA, some 20+ miles away, I again wonder if my life will ever be even a little bit like it once was. I miss those leisurely swims at the YMCA or in the apartments I rented in Cincinnati. The Y was only a mile from the house, close enough where I could walk to it if I wanted. I’m glad the kids enjoyed their years of YMCA membership before going off to school. I sure could use that membership again, just to be able to walk on a treadmill on a regular basis would be nice, so I could get this body back on track. I’d even take a hamster wheel right now. If I can’t get a regular exercise routine going here I am in trouble, and I still haven’t started re-hab again yet. That’s different than regular exercise, which I am not ale to do yet, which is why I need the re-hab. Vicious little cycle, isn’t it?

The yardwork used to be good exercise, but I have not been able to do much of that this year either. It is acceptable at the moment because friends came over to work a miracle while I was in church last week. I can’t say how much I appreciate that. Some parts of the yard had totally disappeared. It just isn’t like the old suburb I used to live in. Ain’t nuttin’ easy around here, but since the kids brought me my Lawnboy and bought an electric weedeater, it helps. Working equipment is nice, but now I need to figure out where to keep stuff so it isn’t ruined. I have that problem here…for many reasons.

Enough of that. I have today’s collage to post, though I did do one anagram, I decided to not post it for now, instead choosing to work on something else. I hope you can make the connections to previous collages…if not now, at some point.

For now, another boring Saturday night of grainy one-channel TV, the ancient Mac (my PC is occupied at the moment), the dog’s chewing his nails, dishes are piled up after dinner, and the world is driving fast past my window. I suppose I can look at the collage for an anagram, maybe something earth-shaking will come of a new revelation, who knows. I took my books back to the library, so nothing else is sparking my interests. I did notice Adam has three post-its again, so I wonder if there is a reason to include him in the next collage. Poor thing has barely moved all week, yet the coffee goes from hot to cold and hot again. Shows you how boring my life is at the moment, too. Art imitates life.

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