A friend sent me the July/August (2008) Ode Magazine, one of three magazines she thought I might be interested in that she’d already read. It just so happened I was looking at it the magazine the day before the article came out online on the NASA science site, but I didn’t see the online articles before the it came out on Physorg.com site. I enjoyed the entire Ode magazine, especially about the anechoic chamber, and figured the link should be put up because each article in the magazine was interesting (to me) and those whom may never have seen Ode before might be interested.

Listening takes many forms. There is a quote in one of the ads, Connect wwith the silence, which comes from Deepak Chopra, in part, “Silence is the great teacher, and to learn its lessons you must pay attention to it….”

Though I have never spent time in one of those chambers I have been in caves that gave a similar eerie sensation. If you aren’t too busy, take a little time to read the anechoic chamber article,  Less than zero , and some of the other articles, “Listening is worship” and “Because God whispers” , just to name a few.

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