so noted

I’m not even sure if I can remember where I was in my thought processes when I started putting together this comics collage, but there are a four or five posts between this one and the last one with comics in it. So for now, we will just call it a jump. I remember I was bored, it was a hot and humid Saturday night and I longed for something else to keep my mind active. I haven’t done any anagrams in a few days either, so I guess I am just all outta whack. Just putting the collage in place makes for a link between what was and what will be, so I guess that’s good enough. I have nothing to write about, really, not that I ever do.

Words for anagramming, “tell me the truth… its not my fault, i didnt do it, anyway, see if you can put a positive spin on it. stick with it. really, what happened? do you think these things are real or is she just making words up?” The anagram reads,

“Mother Nature can reclaim things if she wants. I trusted God to keep my kids safe Sunday. They live apart, yet within intuition world. I still help out AI way. Do you think the “post its” just happen?”

Hmmm, so noted. And just when I thought I was allowed to quit for the night…

I had one more for the telling.

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